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At Nextech, our goal is that we empower each teacher across the state with the relevant content, curriculum, context, and community to successfully and confidently teach computer science in their K-12 classroom.

Since often there is a single computer science teacher at a school, it is critical for educators to find and build a community of practice both inside and outside the walls of their school.

Nextech is excited to provide the following initiatives to help create, support, and empower CS educations to build that community and increase capacity of CS educators throughout the state of Indiana.

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CS Coaching Program

The Nextech Coaching Program is a program for novice K-12 CS teachers.
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CS Guides

Nextech CS Guides is a professional learning community and professional development opportunity that sets participants up for success by learning how to effectively teach CS to elementary and secondary educators and students, develop a district-wide implementation plan, and work to effectively implement their district’s plan with fidelity.
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PLC for NLPS 7185 Website and Database Development

The Next Level Programs of Study (NLPS) Website and Database Development course is designed for students to gain a basic understanding of essential website and database design elements, skills and business practices
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Book Study

Nextech will offer two book studies per year (one in the fall and one in the spring) focused on continuing education for teachers on effective computer science teaching practices.
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CS Educator Hub

We partnered with the Indiana Department of Education to build the CS Educator Hub in the Indiana Learning Lab.
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