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Working collaboratively with strategically minded employers from the tech industry, K-12 educators, and community organizations, Nextech has developed the Student Journey, a framework for a sequential set of experiences that:

  • Inspires students – and their community of educators and caretakers – to look at technology differently
  • Develops a baseline of technical skills in the traditional classroom
  • Provides opportunities for those students with a demonstrated attitude and aptitude for technology to cultivate their passion into a viable post secondary career plan

The assumption is that as students increase their level of engagement, both in terms of time spent and sophistication of experiences, the more they will internalize the world of possibilities a career in technology can afford them. The outcome is an increase in the number of students that choose this path upon graduating from high school, thereby narrowing the gap between the number of computer related jobs and the qualified talent to fill those jobs.

The following are Nextech’s strategic programs designed specifically for K-12 Hoosier students.


Modeled after tech and educational conferences, Nextech Navigate is a virtual field trip designed to educate and inspire high school students about the power of CS and careers in technology. This annual event includes educational sessions across three main themes: development of specific technical skills; connecting the classroom to careers in tech; and exploration of post secondary paths.


For Indiana rising high school Juniors and Seniors, Catapult is an immersive experience that helps students aspiring for a career in technology to develop technical and workplace skills, authentic peer relationships, a passion for community service and deep roots for a lifelong personal and professional connection to Indianapolis.


Today’s students within them the hidden potential to create beyond their wildest imaginations; they simply need the inspiration to unleash that potential. Through a series of individual and team based coding competitions Nextech is the catalyst to help students realize they have the power to be creators of technology, and not just consumers.


Celebrating and recognizing the unbridled imagination of students across the state, the Nextech CSforGood Competition challenges K-12 Hoosiers to innovate, create and build positive change in their schools and local communities.

Stats Showdown

The Nextech Stats Showdown introduces Hoosier MS and HS students to the exciting world of data science and data analytics through sports. In Spring 2022, students are asked to analyze the NCAA Tournament and predict game winners.

Programming Competition

Advanced CS students in 9-12 grades can join this ultimate one-hour virtual competition. Student teams will be given a set of problems or puzzles to solve by writing computer programs. And, it’s excellent practice for the AP CSA exam.


Level up your CS skills! Nextech LevelUP is all about getting you to the next place in your CS journey. Whether that is learning more about tech careers, growing your CS skills or attending a specific workshop, Level UP will get your there. Open to 6-12 grade Indiana students statewide, it is built for various levels of CS experience making it available to all.

Family Code Night

This virtual event introduces Hoosier K-5 students and their families to a coding concept and encourages them to work together to solve a puzzle. The evening is full of coding fun for the whole family and no prior coding experience or knowledge is required.

Winter Challenge

Open to students in 6-12 grades, the LevelUP Winter Challenge is a series of achievements across numerous CS topics. Created to be completed individually, students can complete as many achievements as they want and earn incentives along the way.

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