Nextech is on a mission to increase the number of high school graduates who choose to pursue a career in technology. Our formula for reaching this goal is grounded in one key principle–we cannot do it alone.

We work collaboratively with a growing network of community organizations, educators, corporations, and technology professionals to promote opportunities for students to gain real-world tech-sector experiences. We also rely on financial investments to provide the resources Nextech needs to scale the breadth and depth of our programs.

We are thankful to the partners who joined Nextech on our journey to not only to inspire a generation of Indiana students to see their own potential, but also to prepare your community to meet a growing demand for a workforce of qualified technology professionals.

Corporate Donors

Corporate donors invest financial resources to support K-12 programming across Indiana, in turn helping build the tech talent pipeline and improve local and state economies.

K-12 Educators

Nextech collaborates closely with school districts, administrators and teachers to bring quality computer science education to K-12 classrooms around the state.
$10,000 – $24,999
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Up to $9,999

CICF Partnership

Nextech is a supporting organization of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), a $700 million charitable public foundation. The relationship enables Nextech to provide additional technology-related resources to schools, students and communities while supporting CICF initiatives to improve educational attainment and self-sufficiency.