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Nextech strives to provide the content, curriculum, context and community for statewide Indiana CS teachers. That’s why we partnered with the Indiana Department of Education to build the CS Educator Hub in the Indiana Learning Lab. It is your online community resource that was built in collaboration with Indiana teachers from across the state. The Hub has classroom resources, discussions and webinars to name a few.

Check out and join the CS Educator Hub. Need something in the Hub? Let us know here.

Hub Highlights – Check out these Amazing Resources

1. Over 20 Core Practice Posters for K-8 are available on the Hub, which is a staff favorite of Jenna Garcia, Nextech’s Director of Educator Success. She suggests to print them and use them to decorate your classroom as they are a first of their kind. The posters are split by grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) and are ready for you to use! The posters are located within the Resources document at the top of the Framework for each grade band.

Quick Resource Links

CS Frameworks
K-2 | 3-5 | 6-8

Core Practice Posters
K-2 | 3-5 | 6-8

Academic Vocabulary Word Walls
K-2 | 3-5 | 6-8

CSEdWeek & Hour of Code
Nextech CSforGood

2. Sarah DeLong, Manager of Program Excellence, dedicates her staff pick to the Academic Vocabulary Word Walls. The word walls have over 150+ CS terms broken down by grade band (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) – both Google Slides and printable resources are available. The word walls are located within the Resources document at the top of the Framework for each grade band.


3. Webinars & Videos! Stephanie Zircher, VP of Programs, encourages you to check out the webinars and videos in the Indiana Learning Lab and within the CS Educator Hub. You can search and filter by various topics like the ones below.

Also, Nextech posts webinars from time to time. Here are a couple for you to watch:

See you in the Hub!
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