Nextech is on a mission to create equitable access to computer science curriculum and experiences for all K-12 Indiana students. 


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Meeting the everyday needs of individuals and businesses at both the local and global levels is increasingly dependent on universal access to technology of all kinds. Developing and maintaining this essential and rapidly evolving technology requires a highly trained and specialized workforce. While the need for this workforce continues to increase, thousands of Hoosier youth lack access to opportunities that can create interest and develop skill sets necessary to fuel their path towards long-term success as well as growth of our communities.

Why Computer Science


of students and parents agree that CS can be used in many types of jobs.







of students are interested in learning computer science in the future.


of students are confident they could learn computer science if given the chance.


of parents believe offering CS is important for a student's future success.

Strategic Programs in Action

Professional Development

Partnering with to bring nationally recognized curriculum and PD to Indiana's K-12 classrooms, Nextech insures teachers, whether new to teaching computer science or those with several years experience, will experience growth in their teaching practices and while providing space to become comfortable with the curriculum.

Catapult Experience

For Central Indiana rising high school Juniors and Seniors, Catapult is a yearlong immersive experience that helps students aspiring for a career in technology to develop technical and workplace skills, authentic peer relationships, a passion for community service and deep roots for a lifelong personal and professional connection to Indianapolis.

CS Education Week

Nextech believes every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science.  Computer Science Education Week (the first full week in December, annually) is one of Nextech’s main strategies to provide that inspirational moment, the a-ha, the “eureka!” experience for students to think of computer science as a part of their future.

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