SCRIPT: Computer Science Implementation Workshops

We are not currently offering these workshops as public options, but they are available as virtual/in-person workshops for your district upon request. Please contact to schedule.

Nextech has partnered with CSforALL, a bold initiative to empower all US students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science, to bring the SCRIPT implementation framework and workshops to K-12 schools throughout Indiana.

CSforALL SCRIPT Framework

The SCRIPT — the Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool — is a framework to guide teams of district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment and goal-setting exercises to create or expand upon a computer science education implementation plan for their students. In order to create rigorous, inclusive and sustainable K-12 Computer Science education, school districts are a critical unit of change. Through the SCRIPT model, districts will undergo a rigorous self-reflection against five key areas:
  • Leadership
  • Teacher Capacity and Development
  • Curriculum and Materials Selection and Refinement
  • Partners
  • Community
This approach emphasizes the engagement of multiple stakeholders to support district work as well as the development of a CS education task force to evaluate the existing ecosystem and accomplish goals, which enables districts to make meaningful steps towards creating a sustainable, rigorous, and place-based/culturally relevant computer science pathway for all students.


SCRIPT workshops bring together teams from school districts to engage in a process of self-reflection and goal setting to develop a computer science pathway for their students. Participants will be led through exercises to help them idenfity appropriate resources and partners, create working groups to support computer science initiatives, and identify short term goals to make progress on the CS efforts of your district.

Attendee Guidelines

The goal of the workshop is for each district to build or expand upon a CS education implementation plan. District teams of 3-5 people are encouraged to attend. We ask that each team identify one point of contact to facilitate the completion of the registration form and surveys for your school district/charter network team. The point of contact will be responsible for identifying 3-6 participants from your school district to attend the event. Participants can be confirmed closer to the day of the event if you do not know who they are during registration. Districts will be accepted to the workshop in teams (minimum of 3 participants, max 6) that must include at least:

  • One central office administrator K – 12,
  • One building principal, and
  • One elementary LMS, middle or high school computer science teacher.

Participation by library media specialists and other relevant school personnel is encouraged.

The topics covered in each workshop include:

  • Role of Computer Science in society and the classroom
  • Indiana Computer Science Standards, including where to locate the standards and how to navigate the curriculum map
  • Introduction to the 5 core concepts of CS: Data and Information, Computing Devices and Systems, Programs and Algorithms, Networking and Communications and Impact and Culture
  • Experiencing classroom lessons for each core concept

Want to Attend a SCRIPT Workshop

We are currently working on scheduling workshops. Check back or follow us on Twitter for updates!
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