CS Guide Program for Teacher Leaders


Nextech CS Guides is a professional learning community and professional development opportunity for those educators wishing to become champions for computer science in their district. Nextech is excited to offer two cohorts, elementary and secondary, that will engage in 18 months of professional development experiences geared towards building CS capacity, developing a district-wide implementation plan, and work to effectively implement their district’s plan with fidelity in order to help drive systemic change.

Eligibility and Outcomes

You would make a great CS Guide if you …

  • You either:
    • Currently teach computer science in your school in the following ways
      • Elementary Cohort: teach CS either as a rotation or intentionally integrated into general education content areas
      • Secondary Cohort:
        • Grades 6-8: teach computer science either as a rotation or intentionally integrated into general education content areas
        • Grades 9-12: teach computer science as a stand alone course
    • Support the pipeline and development of K-12 (or a grade band within) computer science within a district or school leadership position
  • Have the capacity to dedicate 3-5 hours per month to this program, either through work within your school or with the larger cohort group. (Some months will have more)
  • Believe that it’s important for all students in your school or district to have access to computer science
  • Ability to influence action and change within your school and/or district and to maintain connections with stakeholders
  • Love your role within your community and are excited about the possibilities afforded to you in that role
  • Your admin / principal supports you being part of the program

Over the course of 18 months each cohort will work towards the following outcomes:

  • Understand how computer science taught in schools relates to the real world
  • Create champions for computer science at your district to help drive systemic change
  • Be a trusted expert in your district – know standards, resources, and curriculum options
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how CS is / can be integrated in different contexts within your district/school
  • Promote CS literacy and equity for all students

Program Details

  • Commitments:
    • Participate in a series of professional development opportunities, including attendance at a 3 day in person Externship visiting Indiana companies from June 3 – 5, 2024. Travel stipend provided.
    • Meet all onboarding requirements, including a virtual interview to understand goals and expectations and a series of evening onboarding meetings (mutually agreeable dates/times TBD)
    • Complete local research and review of CS opportunities and offerings available to students. Template and process will be shared during onboarding in the Spring of 2024.
    • Build a team to participate in a CSforALL SCRIPT workshop in the fall of 2024. The SCRIPT is a framework to guide teams of district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment and goal-setting exercises to create or expand upon a computer science education implementation plan for their students.
  • Stipend: $1000
  • Dates:
    • February 20 – March 15, 2024: Applications open and Interviews conducted
    • March 20, 2024: CS Guides Announced
    • June 3, 4, 5, 2024: CS Guides Externship in Indianapolis, IN
    • June 10 – 14, 2024: CSPDWeek (not required but recommended; PLC meetings throughout for Guides and teams from districts)
    • Fall 2024 TBD: SCRIPT workshops across the state for district teams
    • 2024-2025 School Year: Monthly PLC and PD meetings within your school & with grade-level CS Guides
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