Why an entire week about CS Ed?

December 13th, 2015

With today marking the official end of CS Ed Week 2015, we thought it worthwhile to take the time to answer a fundamental question – Why is there an entire week focused on inspiring K-12 students to explore computer science?  Quite simply.  Because CS matters.

  • It helps nurture problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity.
  • It provides young minds with the ability to rethink problems and find other angles to approach seemingly impossible challenges.
  • It makes one comfortable working towards a solution when complete information is not available.
  • It prepares students to succeed in an increasingly complex, data-rich world.

These skills are useful not just for computer scientists but for everyone, regardless of age, background, interests, or occupation.  They are the foundation every student needs to succeed in ANY 21st century career path.  

Computer science education also serves as the entry for pathways to successful, rewarding, and fulfilling computing careers.

By the year 2020, there will be 1 million computer-related jobs nationwide than there are computer science students.  In Central Indiana alone, there will be 51,500 net new technical jobs by 2025; however, 45 percent of those jobs will lack qualified workers.  Many call that a skills gap. Nextech sees it as the big tech opportunity for our country and for Hoosier students.

For these reasons, Nextech happily joined thousands of organizations worldwide last week in calling attention to the importance of computer science education and facilitating activities that demystify coding and show that anyone can do it!

But our reach and responsibility extend beyond just one week.  As a Code.org Regional Partner, Nextech is committed to bringing world-class computer science curriculum and teacher development to schools throughout Indiana.  In less than a year, we’ve trained 21 high school teachers from across the state Code.org’s introductory computer science curriculum.  We are just getting started though!

If you are an educator passionate about fueling the future of your student’s success and believe in the power of computer science education, we want to hear from you!

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