A Six Month Reflection

November 10th, 2015

Nextech was born in response to one simple question – What must the ExactTarget Foundation become to make a lasting impact in our community?

In other words, what’s next?

Launched a mere six months ago, our team has committed to a singular goal: increase the number of high school graduates who choose a career in technology. Fueled by the widening gap between computer-related employment opportunities and the number of individuals pursuing these opportunities, the Nextech name encapsulates our passion for developing the next generation of technology pioneers.

Anchored by partnerships with best-in-class organizations who share our passion for inspiring K-12 students, we’ve embraced a culture that fosters collaboration and avoids competition. The Nextech team has built a reputation for working within existing ecosystems by building collaborative partnerships to develop the next generation of tech talent. We relentlessly ask the business community what skills the next generation of tech talent needs, we look for established programs that serve K-12 youth and then identify partnerships to achieve economies of scale to develop the very skills demanded by employers.

Our early success proves the model works.

Computer Science Teacher Training
As we announced at the time of our launch, Nextech established an innovative partnership with Code.org, a national nonprofit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science education. Together, we are bringing world class computer science curriculum and teacher development to K-12 schools throughout Indiana.

High School Internship
This summer Nextech held a six-week internship program that taught high school students the fundamentals of web design and development. The students were then paired with local nonprofits to use their newly acquired skills to build websites.

Google CS First Coding Clubs
A core strategy of Nextech is to curate proven resources to empower communities to facilitate activities that re-ignite the primal curiosity of K-12 students. Through our Coding Club Planting efforts, Nextech is connecting after school educators with industry volunteers to launch coding clubs based on the Google CS First program. We are piloting this model with two local area middle schools and, by all accounts, students are loving this experience.

Our impact is one student at a time, repeated over and over in classrooms and learning environments around the state. As Amelia Earhart once said, “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Nextech stands on the shoulders of giants. We do not take lightly our mission. It is the strong support of this community and individuals that has propelled us to such early success and will fuel our impact for years to come. We welcome you to get involved.

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