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The outbreak of COVID-19 catapulted all our communities into unchartered territory, leaving us all to grapple with unprecedented changes to everyday life.  Because many of our teacher and student experiences were cancelled or moved virtually, Nextech hosted weekly "Tech Talks" from March through May 2020 with professionals to share their real-world experiences in how they use computer science in their generally non-tech industry jobs.  Below you will find information about each guest speaker as well as links to their recorded Tech Tuesday talk.

2020 Guest Speakers

March 24th - Tech Tuesday Video

Spencer Anderson, @spencejanderson

Director, Basketball Analytics at Pacers Sports & Entertainment


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March 31st - Tech Tuesday Video

Kyle Kaiser, @KyleKRacing

IndyCar Driver, Juncos Racing


April 7th - Tech Tuesday Video

Carlee Niec, @carleeniec

VP, Customer Experience at Pattern89

April 14th - Tech Tuesday Video

Angelica Rodriguez

Senior Software Engineer, Salesforce


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April 21st - Tech Tuesday Video

Todd Champlin, @toddchamplin

Athletic Trainer, Indiana Fever



April 28th - Tech Tuesday Video

Tony Newcome
CTO, ActiveCampaign

Recommended Reading: The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail


May 5th - Tech Tuesday Video

Joanna Millikan
SVP Product Management, Salesforce
@joanna milliken



May 12th - Tech Tuesday Video

Dave Ribble
Director of Innovation, HillRom

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