Catapult tech skills tested

July 23rd, 2016

Nextech Catapults were on the move again this week, connecting with Indy’s culture and tech industry as well as testing their tech skills.

The Catapults visited Studio Science where Ben Pippenger told them about the methodology the design and innovation consultancy uses. They also toured Rook Security and discovered the importance of anticipating, managing and eliminating threats.

R.J. Talyor shared his insights about Geofeedia. Catapults also had a chance to explore Geofeedia’s office. They discovered how the Geofeedia team collects and analyzes location-specific information from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Flickr and transforms it into useful tools for clients.

In between tech industry visits, the Catapults biked the canal and continued work on their portfolios. They also ate pizza.

On Friday, six Catapults showcased their portfolios to tech industry representatives from Angie’s List, Appirio, Bitwise, Emarsys, Ivy Tech, Rook Security, Studio Science and Eleven Fifty Academy. Our guests judges were impressed and selected Nigel Green from from Tindley Preparatory Academy as the winner.

On Saturday, the Catapults tested their tech skills during an eight-hour TechPoint hackathon.

“What an amazing six weeks it’s been with the Nextech Catapults,” recalls Nextech President Karen Jung. “These kids blew me away and inspired me every day!”

The students share Jung’s enthusiasm for the Catapult program.

“I have taken so much out of this program, and I can’t wait for the next step,” shared Damaris Martinez from Arsenal Tech. “Not only have I learned about coding but also problem solving.”

“Through Catapult, I learned how to look at a problem in a different way,” added Abobakr Abedelmalik from Shortridge High School. “I am more imaginative and creative and more aware of people and ideas around me.”

The Catapult students go back to school soon. Want to see where the next phase of the program takes them? Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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