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July 1st, 2016

Catapult launched three weeks ago. In just 15 days with Eleven Fifty Academy, our eager students have experimented with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Git, jQuery and Bootstrap, developing tech skills and confidence. Today they completed their coding bootcamp with Eleven Fifty by proudly presenting their online portfolios and reflecting on the experience.

“These past three weeks have been long hours of coding with our mentors from Eleven Fifty. We have gone through lines of code from HTML, Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap,” shared Jeremiah. “I learned a lot of new stuff, and Paul introduced me to Unity, where I can further my journey on becoming a video game designer. It seems like just yesterday I was the boy that couldn’t even type one line of code, and now I’m making animations, faces and games.”

“I have accomplished so much in these three weeks,” added Damaris. “I’m more proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I never thought that I would be able to go up to someone and say that I can make a game. This program will always be something I brag about to people when they ask me what have I done.”

“The guys from Eleven Fifty were cool,” Andrew said. “When you had an issue or an error, they would look over it with you at the same time, explaining what had gone wrong. I feel like this program will greatly increase my overall chances of getting a job in the tech industry.”

“Eleven Fifty taught me how to believe in myself,” Nigel added. “When times got hard, they taught me to believe in myself and just take a deep breath because I could do it.”

“Being able to say ‘hey listen I have to keep going because this will pay of’ is the kind of attitude that the Eleven Fifty team instilled in me now and forever,” reflected Abobakr. “This experience will have a forever impact on my life and only make me a better computer scientist and a better entrepreneur.”

“Not many high schoolers can say they know how to code or that they’ve taken an Eleven Fifty class for free,” shared Dionne. “Never in a million years would I have thought I would be a coder, and here I am now doing just that. I’m happy Nextech came into my life at the perfect time.”

Check back next Friday to see what skills students learn during the Park Tudor’s Innovators Institute bootcamp.

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