Nextech has partnered with to offer a blended professional model that embraces the importance of in-person, cooperative workshops and uses online and asynchronous components to provide an ongoing community and support when teachers are in the classroom. This PD experience builds on the work of others and recognizes that one size does not fit all, therefore the PD is tailored for each course and curriculum developed or selected by

Our High School program helps high schools offer full-year computer science classes by preparing existing teaching staff to teach the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and/or AP Computer Science Principles curriculum. Although each subject has a distinct professional development program, the phases and their objectives for each are identical.

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  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    is the introductory online component focused on exploring the impact of computer science and reflecting on pedagogical techniques to broaden participation in computing.

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    is a blended experience anchored around a 5 day in-person professional development workshop during the summer, followed by online material. The focus is on quality computer science pedagogy - teaching content through inquiry and equity. Teachers explore the curriculum lessons using Teacher/Learner/Observer Model. The summer workshop is also the launch point for a professional learning community that will extend beyond the Nextech partnership.

  • Phase 3

    Phase 3

    is a series of quarterly in-person professional development workshops combined with online support. These Saturday workshops continue to prov

  • Phase 4

    Phase 4

    The PD program culminates with a multi-day in-person summer workshop. Teachers reflect on the previous academic year and discuss ways to continue their development as the structured PD model comes to a close.

For the intellectually curious, you can review’s professional development philosophy, which guides their own team’s effort as well as ours work with our education partners.

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