Teachable Tech Moments

March 15th, 2016

One of the most effective ways to engage students in technology and coding is to make it relevant to them. Once students understand that technology and coding are everywhere, it’s easier for them to make day-to-day connections to their own lives. Greater connections mean higher engagement, and higher engagement leads to increased interest in computer science education and high-tech jobs.

Big events can be used as teachable moments for students. One of our favorites is March Madness. To highlight the excitement of the season, Fullstack Academy – a coding school with a JavaScript-driven curriculum – created Coders Bracket to immerse students in the latest web technologies. By using Node.js, AngularJS, and MongoDB, students code their own March Madness basketball brackets. The site provides a series of coding video tutorials and allows students to interact and engage with each other during their bracket building. Once the bracket is complete, students are automatically entered into a March Madness competition with the other participants.

(Oh, and if basketball isn’t your thing, but you enjoy the competitive spirit of March Madness, check out Brackets for Good, a tournament-style competition that engages nonprofits from five different cities in fundraising competitions.)

There are a number of different national and city-wide events that are both tools for technology engagement and that support philanthropic causes. Civic hacks and hack-a-thons are the perfect place to start.

On a national level, the National Day of Hacking, sponsored by Code for America, provides resources to start a civic hack in any city. The goal? To connect technologists with government to create 21st century services and digital platforms. And locally, young coders can explore Indy Civic Hack and Indy Corporate Hack – TechPoint. #IndyCorpHack – powered by the Indy Chamber of Commerce and TechPoint – offers developers and coders an opportunity to solve real-world business community challenges through innovation and technology.

More opportunities, more engagement, more computer science interest. Technology and coding are everywhere – our goal is to help young people see and connect those high-tech dots.

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