Service in action

July 15th, 2016

Nextech’s Catapult program seeks to develop young, highly trained and competent employees to fill the tech talent pipeline. Nextech also hopes to teach students the importance of community service. Students experienced both this week. They explored college choices, connected with local tech companies and volunteered.

The week began with Catapults in the office, practicing the skills and programs they learned from Eleven Fifty Academy. Catapults continued work on their online portfolios. They also brainstormed ideas to expand the program.

On Tuesday, Catapults visited IUPUI. They took a scenic tour of the campus and learned about #STEM course offerings. They also took home a swag bag of goodies. Jamey Everett from Park Tudor Innovator’s Institute returned Tuesday afternoon to discuss digital citizenship with students. The session focused on using technology appropriately and responsibly.

Mid-week students cheered on the Indiana Fever in style thanks to the Indiana Pacers. Catapults thoroughly enjoyed the suite, snacks and noisemakers.

On Thursday, which was Summer Learning Day, Catapults had a chance to tour Salesforce. As one of Indy’s pillar tech companies, Salesforce understands the importance of data to any company’s success. Students were able to see firsthand how data is king.

The week ended with food, conversation and service. Friday morning Catapults feasted on donuts and traded tips with their mentors from the Tech Point family—TechPoint IndyX Tech Fellows, Xterns and Xtern Bootcampers. Catapults also visited HighAlpha for a lunch and learn with Max Yoder and followed by a discussion with Scott Dorsey, Nextech Chairman of the Board.

In the afternoon, Catapult students had a chance to give back to the community alongside High Alpha employees. Together, the group spent two hours cleaning up portions of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Check back next Friday to see what our Catapult students experience during their last week in the office before returning to their respective high schools.

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