Learn and Teach Coding Concepts

There is no shortage of resources to help you learn or teach computer science concepts or specific programming languages.  The challenge is sorting through the myriad of choices and knowing which tools are best suited for you, based on skill level, available resources or interest area.  We have compiled our most favorite tools in a series of easy to navigate libraries so you can easily and quickly find the exact resource you need.

  • Interactive Learning Platforms

    There are countless resources available to introduce students to the world of coding; we've gathered our favorites into one list. Designed to spark a young person's interest in coding, these tools cover the range from iPad apps to board games to complete learning platforms.

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  • Self-Guided Coding Activities

    No matter your age or experience, this list of tools are available to get you started or to help you refine your coding chops. They provide everything you need from language specific pathways, interactive tutorials, challenge projects to master virtually any programming language.

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  • Resources to Teach Coding Concepts

    Whether you are looking for turnkey curriculum, supplemental activities, lesson ideas or tools for student interaction, the library below is full of helpful resources to help educators and non-educators alike guide students on their journey to discover the world of coding.

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