Nextech 2022-23 Incentives

Teachers and other school staff (e.g., paraprofessionals, librarians, CS/STEM teachers) are eligible to receive a $100 gift card for attending a CS Fundamentals Intro, CS Fundamentals Deep Dive, or Integrating CS workshop.

Workshop Types (workshops at/under 7 hours):

  • CS Fundamentals Intro (CSF)
  • CS Fundamentals Deep Dive (CSF Deep Dive)
  • Integrating CS (ICS)

Eligibility Requirements for $100 Gift Card Incentive:

  • Must complete a CSF, CSF Deep Dive, or ICS workshop.
    • If you have already attended a CSF workshop, you are eligible to attend a CSF Deep Dive workshop.
  • May attend a workshop as many times as you would like, but you will only be incentivized for attending each unique workshop once.
  • May receive a maximum of two (2) gift cards for attending workshops.
  • Must be an Indiana school teacher or staff, employed in a school located in Indiana (public, charter, or private) teaching the grades for the workshop.
    • CSF and CSF Deep Dive incentives are eligible for K-5 teachers.
    • ICS incentives are eligible for K-8 teachers.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a Nextech stipend-granting, immersive program (such as CS Discoveries, CS Principles, etc), you are not eligible.
  • In order to receive a gift card, the following requirements must be fulfilled:
    • Attend all virtual Zoom meetings in full and complete all asynchronous work (you may be able to make up 2nd workshop at a later date if conflicts arise) OR
    • Attend a full in-person workshop
  • All workshop attendees must fill out a Nextech-provided completion form that includes your email address on where to send the gift card
  • Nextech retains the right to change or stop providing the incentive at any time.
  • Gift Cards will be processed the first week of each month.  In order to receive your card, be sure to fill out your completed form by the last day of the previous month.