CS Fundamentals Deep Dive


The CS Fundamentals Deep Dive workshop is a great opportunity to collaborate with other K-5 teachers that have been working on bringing computer science to their students.  We like to think of the Deep Dive workshop as “a conversation between friends about what is working really well in your CS lessons and where you might be having issues getting things to click (either for yourself or the students).”

These workshops are a similar time format to the CS Fundamentals Intro workshops (two virtual meetings, 2 hours/each, and a series of online tasks to complete in between) where we help to strengthen your understanding and execution of the CS Fundamentals curriculum.

Eligibility and Pre-Requisites

This workshop is for K-5 Computer Science Teachers, Media/Library Specialists, Resource/Tech Teachers, and General Education classroom teachers that have already begun bringing computer science to their classrooms.

Workshop Details

  • Length: Please note for all of these VIRTUAL workshops: Workshops are offered in different ways, some are a single day, and some are spread out over multiple days. All workshops will have two 2-hour zoom meetings with approximately 2-4 hours of asynchronous work to complete in between.
  • Stipend: $100 gift card