CS for Art Teachers

What is a PLC?

The main goal of our Professional Learning Community (PLC) is to foster an ongoing community of educators around a focused topic. Through long-term collaboration where our teachers meet regularly they will share experiences, discuss content, and work towards common goals. As a member of a PLC educators will work together to strengthen their understanding and execution of the focus topic while continuing to support you in bringing computer science to your classroom.


The CS for Art Teachers Professional Learning Community (PLC) is designed specifically for art teachers eager to integrate computer science (CS) into their curriculum. The CS for Art Teachers PLC is a unique PLC that provides a space for teachers to discuss and explore ways to modify art lessons and projects with CS elements. Throughout the year, Nextech will facilitate conversations that delve into a variety of art topics, focusing on innovative strategies to incorporate coding, digital design, and other CS concepts into art classes. This collaborative journey aims to assist art teachers in developing skills and resources that will enhance both artistic and technical skills, problem solving, and digital literacy among students.

Eligibility and Pre-Requisites

This PLC is for elementary, middle, and high school teachers who will be teaching Art in the 2024-25 school year.

Workshop Details

  • Length: Monthly 1 hour school year workshops (3 – 4 per semester)
  • Location: Virtual zoom
  • Cost to Participate: $0
  • Stipend: Yes
  • Dates: TBD

Are you ALL IN on computer science? Do you want to show off your programming skills?

Register for the second annual Nextech high school programming competition in Indiana! The Nextech Programming Competition challenges teams of 9-12 graders statewide to flex their CS knowledge by answering a set of problems by writing computer programs. Teams will create answers for as many problems as they can within the 90 minute competition timeframe. The winning team will house the traveling Nextech Programming Competition trophy and earn a pizza party, and the school with the most teams participating will win a pizza party!

And there’s a bonus! Participating in the Nextech Programming Competition will help prepare students for their AP CS A exam.

Let's talk about Prizes!

Teams and schools are both eligible for prizes:

  • The winning team will house the traveling Nextech Programming Competition trophy
  • The school with the most teams participating will win a pizza party

Plus there will be some fun prizes awarded for creativity, teamwork and other categories!

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