Nextech Navigate Lesson Plans

These lessons have been created to help supplement you and your students' experience at the Nextech Navigate High School CS Conference.  We know that attending a conference is likely a new experience for most students, so we wanted to give them materials to help them best prepare for their time at the conference.

While there is no defined order to complete the lessons (other than the debriefing one for after the conference), it is crucial that you do the two lessons marked with ** next to them as those are the ones that will help your students (1) access the conference properly and (2) get the most out of their experience. We will not be able to massively troubleshoot student access the day of the event, so they must make sure they can access (via the unique links mentioned above) by Friday, December 4th.

** Using Hopin & Accessing a Conference with Unique Links

A Must Teach!  Using Hopin & Accessing a Conference with Unique Links

This lesson walks students through the specific nuances of using the chosen platform for the Nextech Navigate Student Conference, Hopin, as a virtual conference tool. It will also help them complete their conference registration as well as understand the importance of, as well as how to use, unique links.

Teacher Links: (1) Lesson Plan | (2) Completing Your Conference Registration slides

Student Links: (1) Hopin Demo video | (2) Comparing Video Conferencing Tools worksheet

** Creating Your Conference Agenda
Pre-Conference Research
Career Assessment
Researching Tech Skills
Setting Conference Expectations and Desired Outcomes
Debriefing the Conference

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