Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist… Yet

November 10th, 2017

Do you know what a Social Media Manager does?

A very short decade ago, no one did.


Because the position didn’t yet exist.

That’s how quickly the technology evolution is changing the employment landscape. The jobs today’s tech students will work are most likely still undiscovered, and digital disruption is changing the way we view jobs, employment, and opportunity.

According to Ron Miller, the on-demand tech economy is shifting our world in previously unimaginable ways. After attending an on-demand economy conference at MIT, Miller said, “What struck me beyond how this new way of doing business is affecting us, was how technology was driving this change — and that the speed of change was so rapid that it seemed even the speakers had a hard time grappling with it.”

An on-demand environment refers to services such as Uber, Postmate, or Airbnb – each of which has established a digital platform to provide instant access to their services.

This kind of digital disruption changes every aspect of the business industry, from the organizational level to where, how, and when we work. The systems we currently have in place to support our traditional industries no longer serve an on-demand environment, and we find ourselves challenged by how to best manage the rapid and ongoing change.

To meet this challenge, jobs are being redefined, employees are embracing flexibility, digital entrepreneurs are inventing new and innovative ways of engaging consumers, and entire industries are being opened up to new possibilities.

So how do we prepare today’s tech students for tomorrow’s jobs?

With high-tech expertise and experience, a strong appreciation for a fast-paced and flexible work environment, and an expansive vision of the possibilities a digital environment creates.

It’s going to continue to be a fast and furious ride, and today’s tech leaders need to ensure our students – and future employees – are ready for the race.

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