Playing to win

January 28th, 2017

Did you hear the exciting news? Nextech made the big dance; the 2017 Brackets for Good dance. Brackets For Good helps local nonprofits build awareness and raise funds through competitive, online fundraising tournaments. In a few short weeks, Nextech will go head-to-head with other Indianapolis nonprofits in an effort to score big for computer science education in Indiana.

Here’s how it works.

Each March, Brackets For Good hosts single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournaments across the country for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Nonprofits advance through rounds by rallying enthusiastic donors to score more points than their opponent.

How many nonprofits participate?
The tournament begins with 64 charities in each city. Each nonprofit is paired in a competitive match-up against an opponent.

How does a nonprofit score points?
Every $1 donated equals one point scored. At the end of each round, the nonprofit with the most points in the individual match-up advances to the next round. The points are reset, and the fundraising continues until a champion is crowned.

How long does the tournament last?
The six-round tournament starts the last Friday in February and lasts for five weeks. The first four rounds lasts a full week. The semifinal and championship round each last three days.

How much has Brackets for Good raised?
Since March 2012, Brackets for Good has raised more than $2.7 million for local charities in Indianapolis, Louisville, the Ann Arbor Area, Twin Cities, St. Louis and Washington D.C.

How many cities will participate in Brackets for Good this year?
11 cities: Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Denver, Hartford, Indianapolis, Louisville, Miami, Nashville, St. Louis and Twin Cities

How can I get involved?
Giving action tips off on Friday, Feb. 24. Sign up to receive updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find fun ways you can support Nextech.

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