Monsters, Robots & Rooftops…Oh My!

June 17th, 2016

Week one of our inaugural Catapult cohort started with introductions and icebreakers and ended with full brains and 16 tired students—a success in our books. So what did our Catapult students experience and take away in their first five days? Here are a few highlights.

Our partners at Eleven Fifty Academy — Paul, Joey and Bryce — taught the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All were crowd pleasers for our Catapult students.

“My favorite part about this week was the coding. Even though JavaScript makes me frustrated and it’s difficult, I enjoyed trying it out,” said Dionne. “I could do my own styling in Sublime, and it was really cool. I also enjoyed meeting Paul, Joey and Bryce. They’re great teachers and helpers, and I’m looking forward to working with them and making my online portfolio.”

Early in the week, students connected with their mentoring family for the year — TechPoint IndyX Tech Fellows and Xterns—over a friendly game of duck pin bowling.

Mid-week students teamed up to test their aptitude and see who could design the best app wireframe that would tell them what to wear based on the weather. This exercise really resonated with Joshua.

“We developed an app as a team. It was really fun and gave me a real-world view of what it is like to be a developer,” says Joshua.

Speaking of the weather, we took advantage of the sunshine during lunch and walked to several landmarks in downtown Indy. We even had an impromptu photo shoot overlooking the city.

Toward the end of the week, students practiced their skills using CSS to program robots and monsters. Nigel especially appreciated this team-building activity.

“My favorite part of the first week was creating creatures using HTML and CSS because each person of the group had a specific part and the end result was amazing,” says Nigel.

Students were tested multiple times throughout the week, each time rising to the coding challenge. They already developed the basic skills to build their own portfolio websites.

“Learning how to make a website was super awesome and really fun,” added Austin.

Check the blog next Friday for highlights from week two, which will continue to focus on web development with our partners at Eleven Fifty Academy.

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