Molding tech leaders

October 5th, 2016

Teachers play an essential role in shaping future generations. They educate hearts and minds. They influence behaviors, interests and values. They also ignite imaginations and inspire hope. Teachers are the everyday heroes molding tech, community and world leaders.

Nextech proudly partners with administrators and educators from several school districts across Indiana to bring quality computer science education to K-12 classrooms. We see firsthand their commitment to students. That commitment drives them to invest a significant amount of time and energy—inside and outside of the classroom—to prepare students to tackle a world increasingly dependent on technology.

Their determination is also evident. Teaching computer science principles is challenging. It is even harder when you transition from teaching another subject, as many of our educator partners have. Their passion for technology and helping students learn helps them persevere and seek out the necessary resources to ensure they are adequately prepared.

“Nextech cannot fulfill its mission to increase the number of high school graduates who choose to pursue a career in technology alone,” said Karen Jung, President of Nextech. “We are extremely grateful for the K-12 partners who have joined our journey to inspire a generation of Indiana students to see their potential and to prepare communities to meet a growing demand for a workforce of qualified technology professionals.”

Today, Nextech pauses in gratitude to acknowledge these everyday heroes who are helping transform K-12 students from technology consumers into next generation tech pioneers.

Join us and thank a teacher today.

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