Meet Bryan Perry

March 21st, 2016

We’d like to introduce you to Bryan Perry, a 19-year-old senior at Christel House Academy who participated in our 2015 summer internship program. We asked him about his experience with Nextech, his onsite visit with Precision Dialogue, and his plans for the future.


Q: Have you decided on a college and a course of study?

A: I plan to attend IUPUI to study either computer science or computer engineering. I’m not sure which one will be my major and which one will be my minor, but I’m interested in both.


Q: Have you received any scholarships?

A: Yes, both from Starfish and 21st Century.


Q: Are you currently working?

A: I’m a computer sales associate at Best Buy.


Q: Please share a little bit about your intern experience last summer. What did you work on? And learn? And how did it impact where you are today?

A:  Last summer – in partnership with Nextech and Teen Works – I got to work with an amazing group of individuals designing and creating websites for nonprofits. We met with the nonprofits and really got to know them before we began our projects. We wanted to do more than just design their websites. Our goal was to make something that really stood out… so when people saw the site, they’d immediately recognize the nonprofit and the amazing work being done. While working there, I learned so much more about technology than I ever thought possible. I was introduced to HTML and CSS, and I really took to it. Once I started learning, I didn’t want to stop. Every day when I got home, I studied HTML and CSS. By the time I began taking coding classes, I was confident in my knowledge… but excited about everything I had yet to learn.


Q: Describe your computer science class experience. What have you learned? What are you currently learning? And what have you been able to create with this knowledge?

A: Since being introduced to coding, I’ve gotten a lot more attached to and invested in my tech dream. I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet, but I know that I love technology and I want to learn it all. When I first began my computer science class, I was told I needed to make my own curriculum because I was already so advanced. So, I decided I wanted to get certified in Python and am currently taking classes online. I’m still in the early stages of developing in Python… like creating a little program that translates English to Pig Latin.


Q: Describe your experience at Precision Dialogue. How did it feel to be in the office? Did it impact your vision for your future career possibilities?

A: Precision Dialogue was an amazing opportunity. I learned how different technological jobs correlate with people who have certain aptitudes and skill sets – like leadership. The office was small, but I loved the feeling of being in that tiny space instead of a big, expansive place. My visit made me realize that my career choice is a challenging one, but I’m just going to go wherever the data flows. I’m so thankful to everyone who has helped me get where I am today.

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