K-5 Professional Development

VIRTUAL Code.org CS Fundamentals & Unpacking the IN CS Standards

Learn to teach Code.org six CS Fundamentals courses, which are designed to be implemented across each year of elementary education and are built to be flexible for your classroom. This workshop will unpack the Indiana standards, explore the curriculum, and the tools for classroom management all from the comfort of your home.

    • Attendee: K-5 Computer Science Teacher, Media/Library Specialist, General Education classroom teacher
    • Length: 2 virtual meetings and 1 self-paced workshop 
    • Cost: $0

VIRTUAL Code.org CS Fundamentals Deep Dive

Teachers who have experience teaching the Code.org CS Fundamentals curriculum and are looking to dive deeper into the curriculum or get more support.  Educators will leave with a customized implementation plan, strategies for overcoming roadblocks, and ideas to foster a strong CS classroom.

    • Attendee: Open to educators with experience teaching CS Fundamentals –both those that have, and have not, previously attended the Code.org Intro workshop
    • Length: 1 Day
    • Cost: $0
    • Sub-Fee Reimbursement: Yes
    • Dates: Various - More Dates Coming Soon

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