I did it!

December 14th, 2016

Last week the world came together to celebrate Computer Science Education Week—a global initiative dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science (CS). As part of the weeklong effort, Nextech joined forces with several local schools to to introduce nearly 600 students to coding through an Hour of Code—an experience designed to show that CS and coding is not hard or boring; in fact, it can even fun and cool.

Nextech kicked off its weeklong celebration in a big way, partnering with AT&T Indiana to host an Hour of Code at the Indiana State House. Nearly 100 students joined the team in the South Atrium and, with help from Arsenal Tech students enrolled in the Catapult program, learned the basics of coding through Lightbot—a free app that quickly engages students in the world of problem solving.

The opportunity for area students to explore and experiment with coding in a fun way continued throughout the week with several activities. Specifically, Nextech:

  • Took Hour of Code to schools via its mobile coding lab-a passenger bus transformed into a roving classroom equipped with technology and educators;
  • Joined Congresswoman Susan Brooks an AP Computer Science Principles students at Westfield High School for a lesson in data compression; and
  • Hosted a community wide Hour of Code at The Speak Easy Downtown

By week’s end, Nextech

  • Visited 13 area schools (across three districts)
  • Conducted 22 Hour of Code events
  • Introduced 589 students to coding
  • Inspired a few adults—84 to be exact—along the way

While important and impressive, the numbers don’t tell the full story of our weeklong celebration. Students reactions remain the best testament to how a mere hour can shift an attitude from “this is hard” to “I did it.” These are just a few phrases overheard on the bus.

  • “I just programmed the robot, baby!”
  • “Wow, this is fun. I’m definitely coming back.”
  • “Is this really a game? I’m gonna download it when I get home.”
  • “We need this in school. It helps us learn science and other things better.”
  • “We love coding!”
  • “I wanna do coding when I go to college.”

To see additional highlights from Nextech’s CS Ed Week Celebration, check out our Facebook page. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

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