Tech Opportunities for Hoosiers

April 7th, 2015

The outlook for the computer science industry in the Hoosier state is as bright (if not brighter) as it is for the rest of the nation. Both job growth and employment opportunities are on the rise, and local employers are on the lookout for qualified candidates to fill an overwhelming number of open computer science positions.

According to, computer-related jobs in the Indianapolis-Carmel area grew by 7.3% from 2009-2012. An April 2015 job search on for “computer science” jobs within 25 miles of Indianapolis yielded 807 open positions.

And that’s just the beginning.

By 2025, the total number of technical jobs in Central Indiana is projected to increase by 27 percent compared to approximately 15 percent for all other occupations. Within that same time frame, Central Indiana will have 51,500 net new jobs in technical field across the economy in more than 270 technically oriented occupations. At the current rate of post-secondary degree production for technical talent, 45 percent of those net new technical jobs will go unfilled with qualified workers (

That’s a huge computer science opportunity for today’s youth.

And to entice new leaders within the computer science industry even further, it’s important to consider the financial facts. Of all the computer-related occupations in the Indianapolis-Carmel area from 2009-2012, software developers were not only most in demand, but they commanded a median salary of $77,000 – more than 2x the median salary for all occupations in the Indianapolis-Carmel area (

Opportunity with financial reward. That’s a win-win for Hoosiers.


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