Did you know 71 percent of all new jobs in STEM are in computing? Besides offering high wage, high demand jobs both in Indiana and throughout the nation, computer science also helps students develop problem-solving, critical-thinking and creative skills that will prepare them for success in the classroom and in life, regardless of their career choice.

Nextech believes every student in Indiana should have the chance to develop those foundational skills, and we are thrilled that your school has made the move to add Computer Science to your student’s education. Our goal is to give your teachers the knowledge, tools and confidence to teach computer science.

As an administrator or guidance counselor, you also play an important role in guiding students toward academic and post-graduate success, and Nextech wants to help you help your students. We invite you to join us for a two-hour professional development session to cover the following topics:

  • Why CS matters for your students;
  • How CS can help students succeed now and after graduation; and
  • Tools to excite and motivate students to enroll in CS classes.

As a school that is offering computer science, it is imperative that you, as an administrator or a counselor, understand that CS is truly for all of your students.

Please make plans to join us for one of our three scheduled workshops:

  • Monday, October 23rd in Batesville, IN – RSVP now
  • Tuesday, October 24th Indianapolis, IN – RSVP now
  • Thursday, November 2nd in Ft. Wayne, IN – RSVP now

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