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A Letter from Jim McIntosh

Jim McIntoshI’ve seen the power of Nextech and computer science education from many angles: supervisor, startup founder, app developer, project manager, nonprofit volunteer … and father.

Growing up, I benefited from early exposure to technology that helped shape my education and career path. When I became a father, I wanted my younger daughter to have the same opportunities to learn science and tech. After all, I’m a big believer in equity. Now she’s taking computer science classes at her high school, due in large part to Nextech’s efforts to get computer science in every Indiana high school.

I have had the pleasure of watching Nextech’s journey for seven years, and I am blown away by how much they have accomplished. For several years, I’ve served as a judge for one of my favorite programs, a computer science competition called CSforGood. Some of the high school students I’ve seen are doing much more advanced tech than I did even in college.

I’ve been so impressed that I, along with my business partner, recently hired two of them as interns to join a new business I am starting: Primary Record, a secure way to organize and share health information with those who matter—caregivers, like my wife and I are; my oldest daughter has Down Syndrome and sees a number of providers.

It was mind-blowing what those students were able to do for us.

Chris F., a high school senior then, adapted machine learning to load prescription information into our app from a receipt photo. Aryadeep B., a junior, integrated Google and iCloud calendars so users can see healthcare appointments at multiple providers in one place.

I want other parents and Indiana businesses to realize the talents Nextech-trained computer science students offer … and the long-term payoff of investing in them. Nextech is giving these kids marketable skills. They’ll be able to compete in every field, and every field now has the need for CS.

Indiana ranks fifth in the nation in the 2022 State of Computer Science Education report. That’s amazing. Wouldn’t you agree? I believe that when my tax dollars go toward CS education and when I support Nextech, the whole community benefits by students getting a better education, people wanting to move here and local businesses getting access to a great talent pool.

The sky’s the limit. Nextech in Indiana is helping my business, my kids and my family. I’m just over the moon. I want to do whatever I can to help Nextech grow.

I encourage you to seek out Nextech alumni for internships and investing in educational efforts. Will you join me in helping Nextech bringing equitable access to computer science education and opportunities to Indiana students?

Make an impact in the next generation of computer education. Your support makes an important difference and prepares students to fill the growing demand in today’s workforce.

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