Get to know Catapult Flor

March 13th, 2019


“Nextech helped me figure out what field I want to pursue and how it fits my interests.”

Name:  Flor
School: Arsenal Tech High School

What is your favorite quote?
“Almost is never enough”

Which piece of technology or application has most impacted your life and why?
My Phone. It has everything I need just at my fingertips. I can communicate with people and find them. I can Facetime them to see where they’re at, I no longer need a huge map to see where i’m going I can just download apps. Also, Google exists so any questions I have I can just find the answer through research on my phone.

Tell us about a hobby or interest you have.
Well, an after school activity I do, Mock Trial, is basically my hobby. I’ve been apart of mock trial since it first came to my school. My freshman year team was the “Guinea Pigs” for the school. Nobody knew what they were doing and we were all just trying it out. But, after time we got it . I saw this team start and hopefully it’ll grow even more than it has now. Every year we get new people so usually we take time to teach them and “enter” them into the group, which is always exciting.

Who is someone that inspires you? Why does this person inspire you?
A lawyer that helps us out, Drew. He volunteers his time for our mock trial team. Everytime he gets he helps out with us and teaches us new law cases and how to respond to different objections, etc., But, he is sooo busy but, still comes every Tuesday and Thursday, and when it gets closer to competition, every single day for 2 weeks before competition, just to help us practice. This is something that I want to do in the future and mainly reminds me to never forget about the younger ones as I get older and to look back and make sure they’re going in the right track.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would want to be able to teleport. I’m so busy and I have so many opportunities that, I usually can’t do because of time restraints. But, if I could teleport then, I would be able to do a lot more. I would be able to pass traffic and just go straight to what i need to do or where I need to be at.

Describe your career goals. Be as specific as possible, including any industry / company information or specific job titles you are interested in.
I’m interested in UX Design and I’m interested in possibly working at Studio Science and possibly getting an internship there to see how it would be.

Beyond your growth in developing new technology skills, how did this program help you grow? Be detailed in your response.  
This program helped me in basically everything. It taught me that there are going to be times where you don’t agree with the person but, you’re going to have to work it out and come to a compromise. Also, it helped me practice my public speaking. Lastly, it helped me see what to look for when looking at jobs and companies.

What has surprised you most about your summer with Nextech?
The thing that surprised me was how fast I became friends with the people around me. I heard about this from other past Catapults but, actually living it and experiencing it has been crazy.

What makes Nextech special?
It’s a program that helps us learn about coding and shows us how to work together and have fun and just, it’s an incredible program  that let us build our network.

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