Empowered by innovation

July 8th, 2016

This week Catapult students participated in a creativity and innovation bootcamp with the Park Tudor Innovators Institute. The bootcamp uses training principles from the Central Intelligence Agency and the Institute of Design at Stanford. The goal is to challenge students to think like entrepreneurs.

Students experienced workshops and challenges to open their minds to new ideas. They were also encouraged to question the world around them and imagine creative solutions to problems. Activities included an innovation photo scavenger hunt on the Circle and a golfball challenge to test teamwork skills. Students also redesigned the fast food experience and explored design thinking through a flashlab and “consultivation.”

“The Innovator’s Institute teaches you a different way to solve problems. They help you think outside the box,” explains Patience, who will be a senior at Arsenal Tech High School this year. “I learned that empowering others makes you feel empowered.”

Students enjoyed every minute of the experience.

“The program helps people become innovators. It’s fun and hands on,” shares Damaris, also from Arsenal Tech. “You get to work on problem solving skills and learn new ways to find solutions.”

Dionne will be a senior at Christel House Academy. She liked learning how innovation can help the community. “Many people, big or small, are everyday innovators. The Innovator’s Institute inspires other people to find ways to think of an issue in our community, and how can they solve it.”

“The program teaches students how to think of ways to help their community” added Andrew, who will be a senior at Beech Grove High School this fall. “It also teaches you how to be a better leader.”

“They show how to do this process correctly,” added fellow Beech Grove hornet, Logan. “You start with the problem, figure out what the user needs, and then build up an idea to solve the problem. They also show you how to create a visual for how you can solve the problem using your idea.”

Check back next Friday to see what our Catapult students experience during week five.

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