Connecting Careers to the CS Classroom

Nextech’s Educator Externship is a 5-day immersive professional development activity in which CS teachers spend time inside area employer’s workplaces to gain firsthand knowledge about trends, skill requirements and opportunities in computer related jobs across all industries.  Through participation in the program, educators are armed with the contextual information and tools to connect classroom curriculum to career opportunities and student  interests.

The Externship is loaded full with a wide range of experiences, including:

  • Hands-on activities to learn about key processes in the software development process, including story mapping, agile development, data storage, etc…
  • Tours of tech workplaces, from the Bluelock data center to Finish Line’s massive warehouses to High Alpha’s innovative work environment
  • Panel conversations to learn about the traditional and non-traditional careers in tech
  • Much more!

2017 Impact Stats

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