Teacher Externship

The Teacher Externship is a five-day professional development program that immerses K-12 computer science educators from Indiana middle and high schools into the local tech industry. Each day, attendees tour tech companies to meet with employers, gain first-hand knowledge about tech trends and skills requirements, and visualize computer-related job opportunities that could interest their students.

“Holy cow! Thanks for a great week! This has been one of the coolest, most insightful PD opportunities I've done in 9 years of teaching. Thanks for putting it together and letting me be a part of the Nextech crew!!”

“My students have the stereotypical view that a career in tech is a nerd in glasses in a cubicle writing code. Today gave me a lot of experiences to draw on to combat that stereotype and inspire my students to find their niche (in tech).”

“My number one takeaway is a new appreciation for the cutting edge opportunities that exist in tech right here in Indiana...That we had the chance to not just observe, but to also engage in deeper discussion with executives and high-level decision makers was an opportunity that would have otherwise been beyond my reach."

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