Christmas Wishes

December 21st, 2016

Dear Santa,

Hey there. It’s me…Karen Jung from Indiana. I know it’s been a few years since I last wrote you; I sure hope you remember me. I feel awful that I never really thanked you for all the wonderful presents you brought me when I was younger. I loved playing with my Baby Alive and Green Machine and Easy-Bake Oven and all the other cool toys you gave me.

You always made my Christmas wishes come true! So, even though some might consider me too old to still ask you for things, I thought I would ask you for some special gifts this year.

  • I would love if every little girl and boy had the chance to learn about computer science, ideally in school but I’ll settle for some after-school programs;
  • Enlightenment – for students, parents, teachers…everyone…to understand just how important it is to help young people look at technology in a new way and realize how transformative it can be for an individual, or an entire community!
  • Kids seem to have an extra rough journey these days. I would love if you could help each child find the confidence in himself/herself to relentlessly pursue his/her dreams and passions.
  • Also, please help everyone who works tirelessly with students throughout the year feel appreciated -and rested- during this most magical time of year.

I know; these are not the typical things I’ve asked you for and some of them are pretty tall orders. However, if anyone can make these wishes come true, it’s you.

Eagerly awaiting Christmas morning and opening your gifts!


P.S. If it is not too much trouble, is there any chance you can bring me a Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft Favorites Console Bundle, preferably with the white robot? Every serious gamer needs one…and it will score serious brownie points with our Catapults!

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