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April 26th, 2016

A 21st Century skilled workforce requires employees who are problem solvers and critical thinkers capable of using inductive reasoning to find solutions to new challenges. It’s never too early to begin developing these crucial skills. Introducing a computer science curriculum into K-12 schools creates a strong foundation for deeper levels of problem solving…. and it introduces the next generation to unlimited career possibilities in a technology role.

Today there are not enough high school graduates pursuing continuing education or employment in the tech sector. The result is an increasing gap between the number of technology-related employment opportunities and the number of qualified individuals to fill them. The disconnect begins early. During critical formative years, there simply aren’t enough students aware of yet alone interested in computer science or coding.

The solution? Creating a continuum of experiences that introduce K-12 students – and their educators – and influencers – to the fundamentals of computer science and the world of possibilities made possible through technology.

Enter Nextech.

Fueled by a desire to change the K-12 computer science education landscape in Indiana, Nextech partners with schools throughout the state to equip educators with the knowledge, resources and confidence to deliver high- quality, relevant curriculum to all Indiana students.

Not only is the need for computer science education being addressed locally, but similar programs are being instituted across the country. In January, President Obama announced a broad set of policy efforts to help every student in America’s public schools learn computer science, especially girls and underrepresented students of color. The Computer Science for All initiative proposes $4 billion in funding and additional support for training teachers to bring computer science to students.

Under the President’s plan, the Department of Education will divide the $4 billion over three years to states that propose well-designed 4-year plans. Learn more about the President’s initiative.

During the 2014-15 school year, only 33% of Indiana high schools offered a computer science program. Little by little, we intend to change those numbers to ensure a today’s students develop a strong foundation of problem solving and critical thinking skills – the very skills needed to catapult their entrance into the workforce.

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