Connecting Kids to Careers

February 15th, 2016

At an early age, young people begin dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up.  Aspirations are primarily influenced by the occupations they see around them – firefighter, teacher, police officer, athlete, etc.  It’s only when students are introduced to new occupations and given the opportunities to explore those careers will they begin to fully consider the path they want to carve for themselves.

The Indianapolis community is full of benefactors of the tech boom in recent years.  Tens of thousands have been employed by one (or more) of the cutting edge tech companies located here.  Most assuredly everyone has used at least one of the amazing apps created by this generation of software talent.  If the tech ecosystem is to continue on the trajectory it’s enjoyed the last several years, tech leaders and enthusiasts must do everything in their power to give today’s students the opportunity to explore the career possibilities that await them. Todays third graders are the future innovators, developers, entrepreneurs; we cannot fail them.

“We must provide a continuum of programs and resources to connect students to the tech industry,” said Nextech President Karen Jung. “We must ensure they are aware of the wide variety of career possibilities, given opportunities to explore the skills required to be successful in a tech-oriented role and can begin preparing for a future career while still in school through practical experiences outside the classroom.

Without real-world exposure and guided exploration, students struggle to connect classroom learning with future opportunities. They aren’t empowered to appreciate how their own interests translate into career strengths or employment opportunities.   Nextech is committed to helping bridge that gap.

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