Meeting the everyday needs of individuals and businesses at both the local and global levels is increasingly dependent on universal access to technology of all kinds. Developing and maintaining this essential and rapidly evolving technology requires a highly trained and specialized workforce. While the need for this workforce continues to increase, thousands of Hoosier youth lack access to opportunities that can create interest and develop skill sets necessary to fuel their path towards long term success as well as growth of our communities.

Nextech is committed to one goal: Increasing the number of high school graduates that choose a career in technology to ensure our community has the steady stream of talent it needs. Our formula for turning this vision into a reality is grounded in one key principle–we cannot do it alone. We need passionate individuals to inspire the next generation of tech talent needed to propel our community’s success for years to come.

  • Guest Speaker

    Making a difference in a student’s educational experience is not a challenge left only in the hands of a licensed educator. Guest speakers bring resources to the table many teachers can’t—real-world experiences to help students bridge the gap from what they are learning in the classroom to its applicability in the real world.

  • Company Visit Host

    One of the most powerful tools to get young students excited about a career in technology is to show them the typical work environment of a tech company. These are vibrant environments where community and creativity are stressed; they certainly are not the stereotypical image many young folks may have about an “office job.”

  • Workshop Facilitator

    Workshop facilitators will give the teachers and students with whom we engage the opportunity to go deeper in a specific topic, whether it be learning the basics of a programming language, understanding the software development life cycle or developing the skills to be successful in a tech company.

  • CS Teacher Coach

    Nextech works diligently to prepare high school educators to effectively deliver CS curriculum in the classroom. Coaches will complement this training and work with teachers to inject real-world examples into each section of the curriculum, visit the teacher’s classroom up to six times, and occasionally answer more technically oriented questions.

  • Industry Panelist

    Much like a guest speaker, an industry panelist is called upon to share their stories and experiences as a tech professional. Joined by a group of your peers, you will have the opportunity to connect with K-12 teachers and students and offer them much needed perspective and guidance for their future.

  • Student Coach

    Student coaches will work with high school students participating in Nextech's Catapult program throughout the academic year on a project that demonstrates the student’s technical skills and is reflective of the students career interests. The focus is less on the outcome of the project and more on the expose the student receives to Indy's tech culture and opportunities.

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